white. agender bisexual (wlw). currently trapped in england. canonically unemployed. jaime alcaraz's biggest fan

sagittarius sun / aries moon / libra rising ; INFP ; sanguine ; RLOAN ; neutral good ; hufflepuff ; well known bastard

autistic (dxed), adhd and mentally ill, which i won't discuss on here

super open to interact with new people but sometimes convo drains me so be patient =) ntm i'm prone to inactivity from time to time recently

additionally i may make some nsfw jokes from time to time and i tag them, but because of this, also because i'm 18, i'd like that people under 16 avoid following me, thank you! if we are already mutuals this doesn't apply to you


i have kins but i won't list them here to make this page short! (i have a kinlist on my tumblr though!)

dating reed (23/2/17) and qpps with blake (25/06/18)

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before you follow

  • don't follow if you're the usual dnfi material e.g. homophobic, transphobic, racist or otherwise bigoted
  • don't follow if you publically endorse problematic content, regardless of whether or not it is to cope, e.g. abuse, pedophilia, etc., i don't care what you as a victim do in private, although a heads up that i am skeptical even of using that content to "cope", i just don't want people around who carelessly throw it in people's faces. i'd also prefer that you don't follow if you are friends with people who are like this, i don't care for apathy towards this - you either fully denounce it or you don't, and i don't tolerate people who are the latter.
  • this goes without saying, but don't follow if you're lesbophobic, i've seen lots of very frustrating discourse at the expense of lesbians, and i'm tired. i id as bi now but i'd still prefer not to be around that kinda stuff.
  • i don't probe my mutuals for their opinions on ace discourse, and i honest to god don't care on a personal level what you believe but i personally do not believe being asexual makes you LGBT inherently and if that is something you don't find comfortable to deal with following, that's okay
  • users i have no desire on interacting with, and i would pref you ask to follow or avoided following if you're close friends with them (although it's only an urgent/strongly requested need for the first user, and you're free to ignore this if we are already mutuals) ; killi/killian (wickedrose/catsend), waylon (@ghostpossession), kit (jumpydoii) and aki (@duelpriestess), i don't intend to start any drama (although i would be happy to give reasoning if requested), i just feel uncomfortable and unsafe around these people


  • interests

    current special interests
    • marvel comics
    • cardfight vanguard
    • decks/clans i main/plan to main (* means the deck is complete)
      • nightmare dolls* (this is my main deck)
      • shadow paladin
      • neo nectar
    • bang dream/bandori
    other interests
    • life is strange
    • bungo stray dogs
    • cookie run/ovenbreak
    • ygo, mainly arc-v
    • my hero academia
    • star vs
    • show by rock!!!
    • danganronpa (all games but especially sdr2)
    • naruto
    • fullmetal alchemist
    • mob psycho 100
    • assassination classroom
    • cardcaptor sakura
    • mobage in general e.g. love live, bandori
    • rwby
    • and many more!